Solutions by Design

The way any house or place of business is built tells a lot about how its owners or developers view visual impact as a vital element in the realization of their personal vision. The design statement you wish to make can only be communicated successfully if you have the right materials and finishings to complete your creation.

At The Home Store we are all about providing you with all the necessary components that go into the process of achieving your goals. We listen intently to understand your requirements. By doing so, we are able to recommend the best products to use.

This has always been our primary focus since we first opened our doors in 1985. We haven’t stopped making further improvements through the years.

Come Inside

The moment you walk through our doors, expect our amiable staff to greet you. Tell us what you came for, and we’ll be glad to help you find the supplies you need. Let us know about specific requirements, preferred colours, or quality standards to be followed.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for recommendations. Our knowledgeable showroom staff can provide you with product information, accurate technical specifications, and the variety of choices available to you.

Get Free Estimates

As always, we give you free estimates while we also factor in the installation service costs.

A contemporary livingroom

The Home Store is here to help you with your interior finishings.
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